A Radio commercial -spot Medicija


A radio commercial, that students of Croatian school Gimnazija Bernardina Frankopana created for the Comenius project "Enterprising, healthy and creative" as a part of their school company "Medicija". It's in CRoatia and talks about healthy of honey 1.gif

Pasch Radio Ogulin


Radio emisija učenika Gimnazije Bernardina Frankopana, Ogulin u sklopu projekta Radio für Europa ( Pasch-net)

Testing for Baw2013


This was just a test. I recorded a short message using Vocaroo. It is possible to download recording from Vocaroo using MP3 option. Then, I just uploaded it here to see how does Podbean works, how fast does it uploads and so on. I will try to embed it into a blog.


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